Purple bud tour of grower in Desert Hot Springs

Cannabis Fun Facts

  • Global legal cannabis sales 2018 = approx. $18B
    • Projected to grow to $146B by 2025.
  • US legal cannabis sales 2018 = $10.4B
    • Projected to grow to $23.4B by 2022.
    • North American investors poured $10B into the industry in 2018.
  • Tax Revenue 2018:
    • US = $1.4B
    • CA = $345M
  • Job Creation in US:
    • 260,000 jobs directly or indirectly associated with cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, sales, and support industries. That’s 5 times more than coal and is equal to steel and iron mills. One study projects 330,000 jobs by 2022.
  • Recreational Cannabis legal in 10 states and District of Columbia.
  • Medical Cannabis legal in 23 states and District of Columbia.
  • 14 states have laws regarding possession and use of CBD – and most have lots of restrictions on who can have it and why.
  • Completely illegal (medical and recreational, including CBD) in 3 states – Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho.
  • Over 24,000 research articles on cannabis listed on National Institute of Health website at www.nih.gov.
  • Fastest growing age group is 50+, this is up 28% in 2018.
  • Consumers most often report using cannabis for medical reasons.
  • Baby Boomers spend the most each month on average – $95 per month. On average, they spend 53% more than Gen Z consumers.
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